Why Gasrec

As a market-leader in the supply of LNG to road transport in North West Europe, we already fuel over 60% of gas powered HGVs on UK roads. From our network of refuelling stations across the UK, we also dispense CNG for urban use by light commercial vehicles, buses and refuse trucks.

We build and manage β€˜open-access’ stations as well as dedicated on-site customer facilities. Provide advice on the commercial and environmental benefits of natural gas and work closely with manufacturers developing the next generation of environmentally friendly, low emission gas vehicles.

Supply Security:

Our robust supply network and infrastructure benefits from strongly established relationships with all the major European termini offering LNG road tanker offloading facilities. We have long standing relationships with multiple natural gas shippers and logistics suppliers using these termini. To ensure continuity of supply through our infrastructure network, we also have the potential for bunkering of LNG.

Stations Map:


Gasrec’s safe and secure UK refuelling infrastructure is already setting new standards across the natural gas vehicle sector. Our flexible approach fits all sizes – from single fleet, one-site operators, through to major international businesses demanding strategically located β€˜open access’ facilities like our Daventry International Railfreight Terminal station, which is Europe’s largest natural gas refuelling station.

As an owner/operator, infrastructure provider on a manned or un-manned basis (where we use the latest remote monitoring and automation technology) dispensing LNG & CNG, we have the proven track record to meet the challenges being set by today’s highly professional transport and logistics sector.

Health & Safety:

As a market-leader supplying LNG to a geographically dispersed refueling infrastructure, we are absolutely committed to the highest possible health and safety standards for our customers, employees and the general public.

Safety is essential to our business and is never compromised under any circumstance. Every employee has a responsibility to maintain a safe working environment, we encourage the reporting of hazards and near misses.

We also work with competitors and share best practice across the industry, working closely with a number of industry groups to ensure future station developments deliver a safe working environment for all of us.


Passionately committed to reducing transport emissions through clean energy, Gasrec’s senior management team incorporate extensive expertise from the broader oil and gas and transportation sectors.Β  Our wider team of specialists bring to bear a range of essential skills such as cryogenic engineering, environmental consultancy, logistics, distribution, project delivery and maintenance. We also retain market-leading expertise in the production of liquefied biomethane from waste – an ultra-low emission fuel.