Solutions tailored to suit your company

We provide ‘solutions’ to natural gas vehicle users. We advise them on both the commercial and environmental benefits of using gas, and the suitability and availability of vehicles. We own and operate strategically located refuelling infrastructure and supply LNG – for both LNG and CNG use – wherever our customers need it. Our responsive and flexible tanker delivery approach, matched with our extensive fuel supply chain, guarantees reliability of service and quality at any location.

Fuel – LNG and CNG:

Natural gas – whether LNG or CNG – is cleaner, quieter and less costly than diesel.

Supplying LNG for heavy commercial vehicles is Gasrec’s core business; we deliver it wherever it is required by our customers and in whatever quantity to support the smallest to the largest fleets.

We can dispense CNG where there is an application for urban use by light commercial vehicles, buses and refuse trucks. Either through converting our tanker delivered LNG to CNG or compressing gas from the UK’s national grid network on your site depending on your location.


We work closely with a wide range of transport stakeholders to encourage the use of natural gas vehicles. We advise customers on the commercial and environmental benefits of these vehicles and have a strong relationship with leading manufacturers developing the next generation gas vehicles.

Find out more about these vehicles and manufacturers on our ‘useful links’ page.

Available natural gas vehicles include:

  • Mercedes CNG Sprinter
  • Iveco Daily Range
  • Iveco Rigid
  • Scania Rigid
  • Mercedes Econic
  • Scania LNG/CNG 410HP
  • Iveco LNG/CNG 400HP & 460HP
  • Volvo LNG 420HP & 460HP
  • Iveco LNG 460HP (6×2)
  • Volvo LNG 460HP (6×2)
  • Buses (various)


Our flexible approach to the provision of refuelling infrastructure is driven by customer demand. Whether a large ‘open access’ site such as the Daventry International Railfreight Terminal station, or a small back-to-base operator on a single site, we match our customer requirements exactly. Whilst our preference is to develop, own and operate this Gasrec infrastructure, we are equally flexible over developing bespoke commercial and operational arrangements to suit our customers.


We provide ‘off-grid’ solutions and advice to energy intensive industries where tanker delivered LNG can provide a sustainable solution to meet growing energy demands. Generally involving the conversion to natural gas of diesel-based industrial applications for heat or power, we provide infrastructure and storage solutions to meet multiple operational needs.