About us

About us

Gasrec are a leading fuel supplier for natural gas-powered HGVs on UK roads.

We supply, build and operate Natural Gas and Biogas (LNG & CNG) refuelling stations for road vehicles around the UK. Natural Gas fuel is significantly cheaper and better for the environment than Diesel (especially for Heavy-Goods-Vehicles) emitting at least 10% less CO2, 70% less NO2 and 90% less hazardous particulate matter against Euro 6 Diesel equivalents. There is also potential for 0% emissions when fuelled by Biogas. Cutting emissions has become an increasingly important issue around the world as global warming and poor air quality damages millions of people’s lives.

We deliver fleet solutions that improve economic & emission performance and provide both customer dedicated and open-access gas stations. We build and manage β€˜open-access’ stations as well as dedicated on-site facilities for our customers. We provide advice on the commercial and environmental benefits of natural gas and work closely with manufacturers developing the next generation of environmentally friendly, low emission gas vehicles.

As a pioneer in the supply of liquefied gas fuel to the transport sector, Gasrec has successfully secured funding from a range of UK and EU government grant programmes, including through the Technology Strategy Board and TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Networks) Executive Agency. Looking forward, the company is in the process of developing a number of strategic station locations and is working with existing and new customers to extend its refuelling network.

With dual fuel vehicles having provided the basis for gas in transport, the arrival of the new OEM gas-dedicated vehicles will be a catalyst for major market growth. The new vehicles extend the range to cover 6×2 vehicles and have power of up to 460hp. These OEMs include Volvo, Iveco, Scania and Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, we provide β€˜off-grid’ solutions and advice to energy intensive industries where tanker delivered LNG can provide a sustainable solution to meet growing energy demands.

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